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It's time to


Get Ready is an SAT prep course that works to sharpen testing skills utilized throughout your high school career. The program will not only provide test-taking skills but also provide support in areas where students struggle academically, giving them confidence in future academic endeavors. Our program aims to improve students’ SAT scores for college, leveling the playing field in an increasingly difficult college-driven environment. In this class, we will push you to improve as a student and motivate you to achieve higher education. We provide the first steps, but your success with our test prep will open the road to future endeavors. We are so grateful for having the Dragon Kim Foundation by our side to help us bring this project to life.


We are running 3-hour classes from 9 am to 12 pm Monday to Thursday from June 17th to 21st and June 24th to28th. The classes take place at the Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, California.

throughout the course, students will take 3 PSATs and will be separated into individual groups where the members of each group share similar issues in their tests. Throughout the course, students will also be taught valuable test-taking skills in order to improve their overall test-taking ability.

Below is the course calendar where you can find the specific items being discussed in each class.


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Andres Lizardo

I am an artist and a dreamer. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family. I first got interested in Get Ready when my friend, Maaso, came to me and told me that there was an organization called the Dragon Kim Foundation holding a brainstorming session at our school, Polytechnic. Maaso had asked me to help him out and I agreed.

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Maaso Ortega

My name is Maaso Ortega, I am a California native and a rising sophomore at Polytechnic School. From an early age, education has always been an incredibly important aspect of my life. I have been very lucky to have access to an amazing education, but I know that I am one of a small group of kids with this privilege. The acknowledging of this privilege as well as the saying, “never forget where you come from,” has shaped my life and the work I do in my community.